# Magento


  • Accept payments on your Magento website with XanPay
  • Test your integration with XanPay by using Sandox credentials
  • Orders made on your Magento website with XanPay will automatically transition status once we process the payment

Download XanPay Magento plugin

# Installation

  • Extract the archive into #MAGENTO_WEBSITE_ROOT#/app/code
  • Run magento setup:upgrade and magento setup:di:compile
  • Go to Magento Admin Panel > Stores > Configuration > Sales > Payment Methods > XanPay Gateway and configure the plugin
  • Clear cache and static files

# Configuration

  • Enabled - set to Yes
  • XanPay Api Key - XanPay API Key Client ID (learn more)
  • Certificate Public Key - XanPay certificate public key (learn more)
  • Sandbox Api Key - Sandbox XanPay API Key Client ID
  • Certificate Public Key - Sandbox XanPay certificate public key
  • Display Mode - Redirect or Inject - affects how the widget is integrated
    Redirect - redirects the customer to XanPay checkout page after the Place Order button in checkout is pressed
    Inject - inserts the XanPay widget on success page after the order is placed. Custom CSS adjustments may be needed to fit the widget with the website's theme
  • New Order Status - order status to set the order to after it is created
  • Sandbox - Yes or No, Sandbox mode can be used for testing