# WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a customizable, open-source eCommerce platform built on WordPress. You can accept payments on your WooCommerce website with XanPay. Simple installation and configuration instructions are available on our blog here (opens new window).

Download XanPay WooCommerce plugin

# Capabilities

  • Use XanPay to accept payments in Asia-Pacific.
  • Redirect users to XanPay checkout page, or display the XanPay widget on the Thank You page.
  • Customize payment methods available for customers

# Installation

  • Download the plugin.
  • Upload the plugin into Wordpress in one of the following two ways:
    1. Use the wp-admin interface to upload the zip file.
    2. Create directory xanpay-wc-widget in wp-app/wp-content/plugins. Unzip contents of the archive into xanpay-wc-widget directory.
  • Activate XanPay plugin in the WordPress admin dashboard (PluginsInstalled plugins).

# Configuration

  • Go to WooCommerce → Settings.
  • Select the Payments tab and activate XanPay payment gateway.
  • Activate XanPay by turning on the toggle under the 'Enabled' column. Move the payment methods up or down to display the sequence at the checkout page.
  • Click [Set up] at the end of row pertaining to XanPay.
  • Go to the XanPay dashboard (opens new window) and collect the Production API Key and Production API Secret. Please note that you can access Production Keys only after Account Verification is complete. Prior to that, for testing, use the corresponding Sandbox values. Paste these into the relevant fields in the XanPay WooCommerce setup form.
    • Client ID in XanPay = WooCommerce Production API Key
    • Secret in XanPay (click to reveal) = WooCommerce Production API Secret
  • Save the form.

For older plugin versions 1.4.6. and earlier, go to the XanPay dashboard (opens new window) and collect the Public Key and paste it into the WooCommerce Certificate Public Key. The Production Certificate will be available after Account Verification is complete. For testing, you can use the Sandbox Certificate. For further details, you could refer to our blog post here (opens new window).

# Testing

You could test the plugin by enabling sandbox mode and adding in the corresponding Sandbox key, secret. Sandbox certificate is required for plugin version 1.4.6 and earlier.

# Store currency

Currency can be configured in general WooCommerce settings as described here (opens new window).

# Advanced configuration

Specify payment methods available for customers.

  1. Choose the payment methods you wish you selectively enable based on Methods.

  2. Apply Base64 Encoding to the list of Methods.


    // Before Base64 Encode
    ["paynow", "duit-now", "fps"]
    // After Base64 Encode
  3. Add this string to WooCommerce XanPay plugin settings

    • "Payment methods displayed in checkout" field
    • "Payment methods widget restriction" field

# Changelog

2.0.1: Enhanced error-handling & logging

2.0.0: Update charge creation to use sessions API

1.4.9: Modified JSON encoder method so that it does not escape forward slashes in URL and other fields.

1.4.8: Added forced settings (precision and serialize_precision) for php env (for preventing json_encode issue 0.9 becomes 0.900...025)

1.4.7: Added signature verification on XanPay side. Removed certificates from WooCommerce settings.

1.4.6: Added support for XanPay API Notifications v0.9

1.2.3: Moved redirection mode to backend to support custom thank you pages

1.2.2: Updated API calls


  • Added an option to manually specify 1-5 methods to display their icons in checkout
  • Added description to checkout
  • Description can be modified in settings

1.1.0: Customer information (email and phone) are pre-filled in the widget after redirect/injection.