# Wordpress

If you wish to integrate XanPay with a Wordpress website, you can use JavaScript Injection. Or if you are using WooCommerce, you can simply use our plugin here.

# JS Injection

Inject the following line into the header section of your webpage:

<script src="https://cdn.xanpay.com/sdk/xanpay-sdk-1.0.0.js"></script>

Construct checkout urls and then redirect users to XanPay checkout website as demonstrated below.

    async function checkout() {
      const orders = [{
        id: 'kun1Ja2',
        name: "iPhone",
        quantity: 1,
        amount: 151
      const options = {
        apiKey: 'a04668f6e299280a7485e0002ce9729c',
        apiKeySecret: '0f37463afff161028ef495d9035ccdc053a036f5e57fee7a720c89dfedc55131',
        currency: 'HKD',
        amount: 151,
        environment: XanPaySDK.Environment.Sandbox,
        redirectUrl: 'https://xanpay.com/',
        notifyPayload: {"orderId": "251"},
        customer: {
          email: "test@test.test",
          firstName: "Test",
          lastName: "Tester",
          phone: {
            code: "+65",
            phone: "12345678901"
      const url = await XanPaySDK.constructCheckoutUrl(options);
      window.open(url, '_blank');