# Getting Started

There are many easy, convenient methods to integrate with XanPay and begin receiving payments. You can choose the method best suited for your technology platform, resources and requirements.

# Choose your method

  1. Simple no-code solutions for these eCommerce platforms or content management systems:
  2. Easy integration methods which require some coding expertise:

Once you have chosen an integration method, please complete prerequisites before beginning implementation.

Gone through this documentation and still have a question? Reach out to us through the dashboard. (opens new window)

# Complete prerequisites

To begin receiving payments with XanPay, you need to complete account verification, and set up security authentication on the XanPay dashboard (opens new window).

  • Verify account on the dashboard (opens new window)
  • Create API key
    • Navigate to API Keys (opens new window) on the dashboard sidebar.
    • Click Create key.
    • Select the appropriate type of key depending on your purpose. If you are creating the key for testing, select Sandbox key. If you are ready for primetime, select Production key.

API keys

# Test in Sandbox mode

XanPay provides a Sandbox mode for testing and experimentation. You can use this environment to implement and test your integration. To enable Sandbox mode, you may require some or all of the following depending on your integration method:

  • Sandbox key
  • Sandbox certificate
  • Webhook for Sandbox mode
  • Sandbox URL for API

Begin by creating a charge, through our widget, plugin or API. Once you successfully create a transaction, here is how you can test your workflow:

  1. On the XanPay checkout page, enter your phone number and verify with OTP. You could also use our sandbox phone number, +65 12345678901 and sandbox verification code 123456.
  2. Go to the Charges page on the dashboard (opens new window).
  3. Switch to Sandbox mode. Now, you see all charges created in Sandbox mode.
  4. Click into a charge. On the charge's detail page, there is a Complete charge button.
  5. Click on Complete charge.
  6. Check if your integration works as expected including updates on your server/platform via API Notifications.

When you are ready to begin receiving actual transactions, switch over to the Production environment. Don't forget to include your Production keys and certificates.

# Access support

Charges take 3-10 minutes to settle once the customer makes the payment at their end. Please wait patiently for charges to be completed. Once a charge is completed, its status will be updated on the dashboard, and your webhooks will be triggered.

If you require support, please head to our dashboard (opens new window).

If any of your paying customers require support, please direct them to our customer support (opens new window).