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Payment Software and Liquidity Solutions for your business

SMB payment processors, niche industry brands and global payment companies trust XanPay’s network to handle and route their liquidity in the Asia Pacific.

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XanPay enables business partners in the payment industry to solve difficult problems across the Asia Pacific (APAC).

Credit card network

Credit card networks in this region pose some serious limitations such as:

  • low-penitration

    Low market penetration

  • fixed-cost

    Fixed costs per transaction

  • high-fees

    High FX fees

At XanPay we offer:

  • low-penitration

    Higher penetration in the region

    By providing suite of local alternative payments methods.
  • fixed-cost

    No per-transaction fixed fee

    That benefits high volume microtransactions for your business.

Expand your business potential

Accept alternatives to credit cards

XanPay does not work with credit-based payments such as Visa or Mastercard. Instead, we enable localized direct debit forms of payment (alternative payment methods).

Target the vast majority of customers in APAC without credit cards, and get to approve any and all refunds.

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Reduce chargebacks

With XanPay, you are in control of chargebacks. Give refunds to the right customers and reduce fraudulent chargeback risk to zero.

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No more fixed fees

Stop paying fixed fees to a financial intermediary for each transaction.

Increase your monthly revenue and empower your business to process microtransactions with just one variable rate.

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Payment methods we support
Hong Kong
New Zealand
South Korea

Transparent fee structure

Initial cost

Currency conversion

FX rate

Transaction cost locally

Transaction cost for overseas

Payment Methods


No setup fees

No annual fees

No conversion fees

Mid-market rate



Affordable local payment networks

Credit Cards

Fixed setup fees

Fixed annual fees


Determined by respective card schemes



International credit card network

Wide range of integration methods
Create a checkout in minutes, customize to your brand in seconds
1. Embedded widget
Embed XanPay’s component directly into your website so your customer can checkout all in one place.
Widget Documentation
2. Full Page Checkout
Simply add a XanPay button and let us handle the rest. Once payment is complete, we will redirect your customers back to you.
Checkout Documentation
3. eCommerce Plugins
Easily integrate XanPay as a plugin using your existing eCommerce platform.
WooCommerce Docs
Wordpress Docs
Open Cart Docs
WooCommerce PayNow
4. API only
The XanPay API is organized around REST. Which allows you to easily integrate XanPay in a white-label manner to fit your branding needs.
Full API Reference
Easily customize your widget
Customize the look and feel of your widget in your dashboard, no code required.
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