Modern payments for
your next billion customers
Attract, convert and retain consumers with
popular local and alternative payment methods.

Your preferred gateway to Asia Pacific

  • xanpay-internet

    Accept local payments in

    15 Asian markets

  • xanpay-people

    Reach out to

    a billion consumers

  • xanpay-chargeback

    Manage your payments with

    0% risk of chargebacks

  • xanpay-mobile

    Instantly integrate with

    100+ payment methods


Transparent fee structure

Minimize costs to stay ahead

Payment methods

Currency conversion


Cost for cross-border transactions

Cost for domestic transactions



Alternative payment methods

With 5 times the market penetration rate of credit cards!

Mid-market FX rates

Pay as you go

No fixed fees



No chargebacks

Other providers

Credit cards

1-2% FX spread

Up to 50¢


Up to 1%

+ fixed processing fees

Up to $100 per chargeback

*Fees for merchants in high-risk sectors would be higher.

Unlock the value of alternative payment methods
Explore the preferred ways to pay across markets
No-code integration for small businesses
Join hundreds of small businesses and embed the XanPay plugin on your online storefront
Discover the plugin of your choice
Designed for developers
Intuitive APIs that reduce integration time and effort
Full-page checkout
Simply add a XanPay button and let us handle the rest. Once payment is complete, we will send you a notification.
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Embedded widget
Embed XanPay’s component directly into your website so your customer can checkout all in one place. Customize the look and feel of your widget to fit your interface.
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API for closer integration
The XanPay API is organised around REST to make it easy for you to integrate XanPay into your existing payments platform.
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